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Prasad Sistala
Chief of Telemedicine, Care Foundation

Very impressive. Immense potential in remote areas as well as for camps. One area which can be considered is if ECG becomes wireless based. Allowing a chat application while having a video conference may be worth pursuing. Overall looks good and wish more such vans can be used to make quality healthcare accessible.

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Narayana Murthy
Fortis Hospital

This looks to be a good idea. Should do well. Will be helpful in outreach areas and corporates.

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Dr. Kushalappa P A
Director, Academics, JSS University, Mysuru

Telemedicine facility is very useful for diagnostic purposes in rural setup and enhances time.

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Dr. H. Basavanna Gowda
Dean, JSS Medical College, Mysuru

This Telemedicine design and van looks comprehensive and very useful far taking healthcare services to rural areas.

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Dr. Renuka
Community Medicine, JSS Hospital, Mysuru

Product is worth to be tested in our field practice area.

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Dr. Yogesh Kamat
Orthopaedic Surgeon, KMCH, Mangaluru

Technology is being used in true right sense. It can help real outreach. Certainly has limitations as touch and feel cannot be substituted. This will however help a great deal in screening patients to narrow down to specific appointments at my peripheral IC units.

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Marketing, KMCH, Mangaluru

Good concept, Nicely designed also. If we can use the back space, it will be great. For connectivity, can we think of some permanent

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Dr. Anand K
KMCH, Mangaluru

Novel concept with good execution.

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Dr. Ranjit Shetty
(KMCH, Mangaluru)

Good concept. Needs fine tuning to increase applications.

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Dr. Anand Venugopal
Medical Superintendent

Nice concept. Needs connectivity to be functional optimally.

Dr. Richa Aggarwal
Dr. Richa Aggarwal
(Manipal University)

This is something really innovative and out of the box. The future of Healthcare is this.

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Dr. Vaibhav
KMC, Manipal

The van has all the space utilised effectively and efficiently. The equipment is really amazing stuff.

Dr. Kiran Hegde
Dr. Kiran Hegde
JSS Hospital, Mysore

The concept and design of the vehicle looks feasible to run mobile clinics in rural areas.

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KKA Consultants

Excellent Technology in motion for rural areas.

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Sachin Rao
Head –Telemedicine, Manipal Hospitals

Interesting Concept and implementation.

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Dr. Ajay Bakshi
MD and CEO, Manipal Hospitals

Very innovative and Powerful tool to take healthcare to the masses.

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Dr. Nagendraswamy
Medical Director, Manipal Health Enterprises

Truly a Game changer for accessibility. Good Network Connection should be ideal.

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S. Soundarajan
AVP - Business Transformation and Technology, Manipal Hospital

The Van is a good initiative with the power to cater to be a mobile clinic. This I am sure will help us to do a lot more in terms of rendering healthcare to the remote parts of the country!

Vinitha (Vitruvia)
Vinitha (Vitruvia)

Love it, Good Brand, Great Work!!!