MyCliniCare Telemedicine Solutions

MyCliniCare Telemedicine Workflow

1. Scheduling

  • Telemedicine scheduling (online/call) can be done either for CliniVan or CliniCube.
  • Scheduling creates appointment for Physician, & MyCliniCUBE/CAR
  • MyCliniCAR could visit designated village/towns on specific days of the week.
  • KEY is Physician & Specialist Panel

2. MyCliniCAR arrives. Or, patient visits MyCliniCUBE

  • MyCliniCAR - Telemedicine customized Fleet (Omni or EECO AC); Communication via Cellular
  • Network, Equipped with GPS tracking and UPS; On-board Driver and Nurse
  • CliniCUBE: Positioned in tier2/3 towns; single/multi CliniCUBEs based on demand

3. Nurse preps Patient
  • Nurse gets Telemedicine equipment ready for consultationNurse enters Patient information into registration software
  • Nurse records/verifies Patient’s medical history
  • Nurse records Patient’s Vitals, height/weight etc as needed

4. Nurse initiates video conference with Remote Physician
  • Nurse initiates Video Conferencing with Remote Physician
  • Remote Physician needs PC/Tablet and optional-earphones
  • Remote Physician can now see & talk to the Patient
  • Remote Physician has preliminary discussion with Patient on Video Call

5. Remote Physician conducts Telemedicine Examination
  • Remote Physician can conduct patient diagnostics - Nurse is instructed to physically manage devices across Patient
  • Stethoscope, Vital Signs, TotalExam3 Camera (mouth, nose, skin, eyes), Otoscope, ECG, Ultrasound, Ophthalmoscope, Spirometer, etc.
  • Remote Physician can take full control of the Laptop & control/view/annotate/measure on live screens

Exam/diagnosis complete
  • Remote Physician completes patient examination
  • Provides prescription if/as applicable
  • Suggests appropriate follow-up visit: Telemedicine Visit, or, Visit to Hospital for out/in patient exam or procedure (as applicable)
  • Session is complete, Remote Physician signs off, next Patient enters – cycle resumes.

7. Post Check-up
  • Physician fills up the Patient/SOAP report.
  • The report can be passed on for further referrals if required.
  • Patient/SOAP Report available on the Cloud/Hospital server for patient to view/print.

MyCliniCare Modular Solutions

MyCliniCase Solutions (MyCliniCASE, MyCliniCART, MyCliniCUBE, MyCliniCAR/CAMP) can house modular devices in different formats to target specific healthcare requirements.

General/ENT Camp
  1. TotalExam3 Camera System (used for Throat, Ear, Skin & Eye Exams)Digital Steth
  2. Welch Allen Vital Signs Lxi
  3. eNcounter 3.0 Software Subscription (annual license)

General/ENT & Eye Camp
  1. TotalExam3 Camera System (used for Throat, Ear, Skin & Eye Exams)
  2. Welch Allyn Panoptic Ophthalmoscope with USB connection
  3. Digital Steth
  4. Welch Allen Vital Signs Lxi
  5. eNcounter 3.0 Software Subscription (annual license)
Cardio Camp
  1. Welch Allen ECG
  2. Digital Steth
  3. Welch Allen Vital Signs LxieNcounter 3.0 Software Subscription (annual license)
Urology Camp
  1. GlobalMed USB Abdominal Ultrasound Probe V4 (2.5 - 5.0 MHz)
  2. Digital StethWelch Allen Vital Signs Lxi
  3. eNcounter 3.0 Software Subscription (annual license)