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MyCliniCare is an innovative digital diagnostics solutions company, focused on designing, developing and implementing cost-effective solutions for preventative healthcare needs. MyCliniCare has developed and deployed end-to-end diagnostics solutions in mobile, portable and stationary formats across India. Digital preventative women’s healthcare is a core competency, which includes, breast and cervical screens and secure video consultations with medically certified women specialists.

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What is Digital Preventative Healthcare?

Preventive healthcare (alternately preventive medicine or prophylaxis) consists of measures taken for disease prevention, as opposed to disease treatment. Digital preventative healthcare incorporates modern, safe and secure digital diagnostics and communications equipment to provide healthcare solutions in urban, rural and very remote locations around the world.

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Healthcare Situation in India

 There are two critical issues with healthcare delivery in India


MyCliniCare Value Proposition


MyCliniCare has partnered exclusively with GlobalMed (leader in world-wide telemedicine), to leverage the world-class technology & devices provided by GlobalMed, to the Indian healthcare market.

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MyCliniCare Value Proposition

GlobalMed’s superior Camera & Devices, multiple patent

Patented & tested end-to-end integration of hardware/devices, software and communication

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MyCliniCare delivers Maximum Value for Investment

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Software & Integration

Highly encrypted software, designed for low bandwidth one-click web calling between Patient & Physician Enterprise friendly, and uses managed peer-to-peer architecture and low bandwidth Instant application-sharing through drag-and-drop file transfer

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The eNcounter® Application Suite is a single sign-on interface that gives the user the ability to intuitively manage the patient visit, access and control connected medical devices, share images and conduct real-time video conferences in a HITECH environment with anyone in the world.

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MyCliniCare Telemedicine Solutions